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 Chaparral History

It has been brought to our attention that some of the history of the Chaparral Artists was in error.  A corrected and accurate history will be replacing the version on this site.  The art group was established in 1965 and later renamed Chaparral Artists. So look forward to more details about Chaparral and its history in the area.  Thank you for your patience

In May of 2013 Chaparral Artists were granted 501c status. We at Chaparral will advance our furture plans of providing youth programs in the area.

Columbus Day Annual Paint out


 Each Columbus Day which generally falls on our meeting day in October we have a paint out at a nearby location.  Our past paint outs have included Mission Creek, Whitewater Reserve, Covington Park and the Trains of Joshua Tree.  Join us for the fun.  This paint out will not be held in 2014 and will defer to the regular meeting at Desert Hills Presbyterian Church.

Community involvement 


Chaparral Artists supports community functions.  They were regular participants in Turtle Days, worked with the local Chambers, and helped paint mini murals at the Joshua Tree Basin Water District Water-Wise Garden. 

Mission Statement

Chaparral Artists organization is dedicated to the promotion of the Arts Culture and potential in the High Desert.  Chaparral Artists will provide art related programs and demonstrations, designed to further educate and stimulate the interests of youth and adult populations.


Chaparral History

Tank Art Project

Project Completes

 The Tank Art Project finally Completed..  The project is in conjunction with the Joshua Basin  Water District to paint murals on the water tanks in Joshua Tree.  The first tank will be the tank located behind the Water Wise Garden located on Cholita at JBWD office.  The Mural will be under the direction of the Chaparral Artists  along with the Yucca Valley High School Art Club.  The Chaparral Artists  assisted  students in learning about murals, process of prepping and painting  and development of a personal art portfolio. The  painting began October 6  and completed during the week.  Chaparral primed and readied the site on the 6th and 7th  and painted with the students on the 8th and 9th,  Students painted each day from 2:30 to 5 finishing up with pizza and sandwiches.   A reception was held on the 11th honoring the studends

Chaparral Rocks

 During the summer months we work with children to promote their interest in a variety of mediums in the world of art.  We have worked with both Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley Community Centers.

Chaparral  Artists